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Our Miami entertainment attorneys assist record labels, artists, filmmakers, film distributors, producers, directors, actors, songwriters, musicians, singers, models, authors, publishers, athletes, talent agencies and celebrities to address cutting-edge entertainment law issues.

We help clients throughout Florida and Latin America negotiate services agreements, prepare copyright ownership agreements, work for hire agreements and other related contracts. Moreover, we help provide the following services:

  1. Miami Entertainment LawMusic Law Agreements: Our Miami entertainment attorneys help assist musicians, recording studios and record labels and song writers in a variety of legal instruments. We help prepare recording contracts, management deals, and songwriting agreements. We likewise help with underlying copyright registrations, and preparing and filing requisite trademark applications.
  2. TV and Video Rights Agreements: Akin to the music industry, we help in a variety of television, film and video acquisition agreements, talent agreements, work for hire (ownership) agreements as to ownership of film projects, and modeling agreements for TV personalities.
  3. Internet Law Matters: We help with a variety of internet matters, including clearance searches as to potential/proposed domain names for a music or television project, preparation of terms of use and related privacy policies, as well as registration of the underlying content through Copyright Registrations.
  4. Publishing Matters: Our assistance may include protecting literary works and preparing publishing contracts.
  5. Athlete Representation: This includes negotiations regarding merchandising, rights of publicity, and rights of privacy.  Moreover, this may include management agreements, branding agreements (and related licensing), and endorsement contracts. Put simply, many athletes fail to take advantage of their rights of publicity as a secondary revenue stream. Our team of Miami entertainment attorneys helps explore ways of harnessing your brand.
  6. Formation of entertainment companies: This includes selection of an appropriate business entity, business formation, preparation of operating agreements, and assignment of underlying intellectual property.

We are passionate about protecting artists and musicians rights, and have proudly served on the Creative Industries Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. We have helped many artists and musicians in South Florida register their works of art, protect new ideas, and help monetize their creativity.