It was a pleasure to have Robert and his team represent us in our litigation defence against one of our major competitors. Being sued is not fun, but with Robert’s expert legal experience and diligent work, our competitors were forced to settle, saving us a ton in litigation costs, and helping us avoid the headache of being deposed and going to trial. If you have an Intellectual Property dispute, look no further than Robert to guide you to a cost-effective, favorable outcome.
- B.R., Consumer Product Developer.
I had the pleasure of being represented by Robert or a large copyright infringement case. Robert and his team placed considerable time and care spent on my case. Every part of my case was handled with patience and an understanding that this was about far more than mere copyright infringement. I got the impression this meant as much to Robert as it did to me, and my family. If the need should arise again, I’d look forward to working with Robert and his team anytime.
- Laney G.
I am the owner of a web development company based in Canada. We retained Robert Thornburg when a competitor began to use a domain name that was almost identical to ours. Robert negotiated a quick and favourable settlement for us, limiting the disruption to our business and our legal fees.
- Jonathan B.

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Looking for a patent law firm or a Miami patent attorney? Want to patent an idea? Desire to obtain patent advice, conduct patent research or perform a patent search? Have questions for an intellectual property attorney about patent law or how to file a patent but confused about the various patent types, including whether to seek a design patent or utility patent?

Questions about international patent law, including foreign patents or a PCT patent? Our team of South Florida Patent Lawyers can help guide you through the patent process, explain the patent requirements, perform detailed patent writing with the goal of a patent filing, and help negotiate your U.S. patent rights to help get a patent.

We are here to help you patent an invention! Our Miami Patent Lawyers are members of Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist, P.A, Florida’s largest collection of American Patent Lawyers. Our group of Miami Intellectual Property Attorneys include skilled Miami Patent Infringement Lawyers, as well as attorneys to help obtain a government patent and the later assist with patent licensing. We assist technology start-ups, inventors, entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized companies realize the value of their ideas.

Our Miami patent law group provides the following patent services

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Despite the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County’s Stay-at-Home Orders regarding COVID-19, legal services qualify as ‘essential services’ under both applicable executive orders. Accordingly, our dedicated attorneys and staff continue to work normal hours to assist clients regarding their domestic and international patent and trademark needs. Call us at 305-374-8303 or email: Have questions about the ability to file your trademark/patent during the pandemic? Click below to check out our Advisory regarding the status of the United States, European and Latin American Patent & Trademark Offices: