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Trademarks and service marks help protect your business’ brand name, logo, or slogan. Moreover, trademarks help identify the source of your goods and services over and above your competitors. As our economy becomes more global and interdependent on e-commerce and internet transactions both trademarks and service marks will continue to grow in value and importance.

Trademark Clearance Searching:

Registration before the United State Trademark Office your brand name, logo and/or slogan may provide a key competitive edge. Often, it is advised and advantageous to determine whether your trademark or service mark is available in the United States or in other countries that you desire to offer your goods or services. Prior to investing time, effort and money into a particular name or logo, a trademark clearance search performed by one of our Miami patent lawyers is prudent and well-advised in many circumstances.

A simple trademark search by our trademark search team may help save thousands of dollars prior to labeling your goods with a proposed new name or logo. Often our trademark attorneys can perform a search in just a few hours from your first call. Moreover, our trademark law firm is experienced and well-versed in performing detailed, comprehensive and exhaustive searches.

Apart from registration clearance, an initial search may help prevent the risk down the road of an allegation of trademark infringement by a currently unknown trademark owner.

Trademark Preparation & Filing:

Registration of a trademark or service mark for your brand name, slogan or logo represents one of the best values in the field of intellectual property law. However, registration of a trademark does require a level of skill in determining the proper identification / description of the goods/services, selection of the right classifications, and providing proof to the Federal government of your use of the mark in commerce. We are here to help and guide you through this process.

Our Miami trademark law firm has three practitioners all licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark office. Moreover, our experienced team has prepared, filed, and sought registration of hundreds of trademark applications. We understand the Trademark Office’s practices inside and out and know how to make the right moves to help progress from filing to registration. Moreover, we can often do this type of work in a cost effective and flat fee basis.

International Trademarks & Madrid Filings:

We maintain a comprehensive network of foreign trademark associates throughout Europe, South America, Central America and the Caribbean to help file and register international trademarks. Our trademark law firm likewise has experience with filing international trademark applications through the Madrid Filing system offered by the World Intellectual Property Association. Therefore, our Miami Trademark Attorneys can assist you in not only securing trademark rights in the United States, but also throughout Europe and Latin America.

In addition to securing these rights, our team of paralegals help assist with management and oversight of your International trademark portfolios. By offering global portfolio management of your trademarks, this ensures a comprehensive and value based asset for your business to help ensure growth and stability.

Trademark Licensing & Acquisition:

Our trademark attorneys have a wide breadth of experience in not only registering numerous trademarks, but also assisting clients in transactions to help license, monetize and/or acquire trademark portfolios. Our comprehensive trademark solutions include help with drafting, preparing and negotiating complex trademark licenses that ensure proper quality control provisions are included to technology transfer is effective and enforceable. Moreover, we help with performing due diligence and audits of intellectual property assets as part of any sale or acquisition of trademark portfolios.

Detailed, comprehensive and well written trademark agreements can have a huge effect on your business. Don’t go it alone and don’t try to use downloaded forms from the Internet that are often not applicable or relevant to your transaction. Should you desire to create business transactions that ensure proper rights and responsibilities, timely reporting of sales and income, and detailed obligations for reported payments – contact us today.