The area of Kendall in Miami–Dade County encompasses seven sub-communities such as West Kendall, Glenvar Heights, Sunset, Olympia Heights, Westwood Lakes and Tamiami, and The Falls. The area was named after Henry John Broughton Kendall, director of Florida Land and Mortgage.

Although development was slow a post office was placed in the region in 1914.  During the 1926 real estate boom in Florida the community experienced the opposite and some residents move out of the area.

Today, Kendall is a popular Miami-suburb known for its recreational opportunities, including numerous golf courses, a roller rink, ice skating rink, two skate parks, and an arcade including an indoor children’s playground. In addition, Zoo Miami (also known as The Miami Dade Zoological Park and Gardens) is located in Kendall which is Florida’s oldest and largest zoo (as well as the fifth largest in the United States).  It occupies 750 acres of land and is home to more than a 3,000 species of animals – approximately 130 of which are at risk or endangered.

In 1980s and 1990s new construction drove residents to the area, however a sleepy town turned deadlyin1992 when Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane hit South Florida and many residents lost their homes and new businesses. Due to vast destruction it forced Miami Dade County to enforce and recreate its building code for all residential development.

Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport is also located in the Kendall area and the name is a composite word of the phrase “Tampa to Miami,” which the Tamiami Trail, a roadway that goes through the Everglades connects the two cities. The airport is public and operated by the Miami Dade Aviation Department. It opened on November 18, 1967.

The area is also home to two of Metro-Miami’s most well-established shopping ventures: Dadeland Mall and The Falls.

Miami Dade College’s 85-acre main campus – which opened in 1967 – is also located in Kendall.  The college enrolls and graduates more black and Hispanic students than any other institution of higher learning in the country.

Baptist Hospital of Miami is a non-profit hospital with various location throughout Miami Dade County. It was founded in 1960 and is a 650-bed facility headquartered in the heart of Kendall.  They employ approximately 4,000 physicians and 23,000 employees.

Major Landmarks:

  • Pinecrest Gardens
  • Zoo Miami
  • Tropical Park

As shown by the foregoing, Kendall represents an important center for the development of healthcare technology due to the proximity of Baptist Hospital of Miami.   Likewise, it maintains an important role in Florida’s recreation and hospitalityindustries – due to thelocation of Zoo Miami.

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