The City of Hialeah is the sixth-largest city in Florida, located between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades, it was christen by the Seminole Indian Tribe as HaiyakpoHili or “Pretty Prairie” because of its grassy plains.

In the hype of the Roaring 1920s the Pretty Prairie or The City of Hialeah, caught the eye of Missouri cattle rancher James H. Bright and aviator Glenn Curtiss. Together they brought Hollywood entertainment and Spanish Sports to merely developed city.  D.W. Griffith, silent film director also known for filming with Charlie Chaplin filmed “The White Rose” which was shot in Hialeah and various other locations throughout Florida.  In addition to greyhound racing, which was already prominent in 1925 when the city incorporated; Hialeah Park Race Track also known as the “Grand Dame. “ brought one more sport to the area. The park sits on 220 acres and its Mediterranean style architecture has made it a “Jewel” in the City of Hialeah. Today it is used as an indoor-Casino and outdoor corporate events location and a destination venue for Weddings and Quinceañera celebrations.  The park however, has a rich history of attracting more the Newly Weds and girls coming of age. In its glory days the park brought to the city prominent socialites such as the Kennedy Family, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill and J.P. Morgan. However, race track is not only known for its social affairs and bringing people together but also for its pink flamingos once featured on the 1980s hit show Miami Vice.

Although seen as a playground for socialites and aristocracy of the time, it was also seen as a safe haven for Cuban Exiles who through the Marielboat lift and Freedom Flights reached the United States in 1980s and for World War II veterans. The working class community is known for being a dominant Spanish speaking community and being the other city in the county to have its own street numbers.

In recent years it has added well known retailers such as Forever21,  Starbucks, Target, Aldi Stores and Lowe’s, Sketchers, H&M and restaurant such as LongHorn Steakhouse, Chipotle, Applebees, Chili’s, Fuddruckers, IHOP,  Los Ranchos, and Olive Garden. In addition Westland Mall continues to be an epicenter of over 100 specialty stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Located in the heart of northwest Miami-Dade County with access to I-75 and US 27 or Okeechobee Road. It grants its patrons free amenities will visiting the mall from a play area for kids to a Domino Corner and complimentary wheelchairs and scooters.

The city has three tennis courts, five public swimming pools and aquatic centers and over 14 public parks averaging 100 acres combined.

Some of those parks include, Milander Park with a 10,000 seat football auditorium where local  schools duke it out and rivals such as Hialeah High School and Hialeah Miami Lakes seek out to win the T-Trophy on an annual basis, which at the end of the day always seemed to reside at HML despite brawls, and contradicting statements.

Although the city said its final farewell to first woman to fly across the Atlantic it named one of its parks after her. Amelia Earhart Park is located south of OpaLocka Airport and in northeast Hialeah. It encompasses 515 acres with amenities such as a Miami Watersports Complex for wakeboarding, waterskiing, paddle boarding, mountain biking and soccer playing.It has a 90-acre freshwater lake and trained coaches for riders of all ages and abilities. It also has a petting zoo, crop fields and cow milking. The park is also known for To Sawyer’s playground which was recently renovated.

In addition Hialeah also offers more than just playgrounds and amenities it’s also known for having a Miami Dade College campus which has served the city since 1980. The campus has hosted numerous cultural community events and has provided a free education to students with a 3.0 grade point average or higher. It is one the largest college in the Florida College System with over 165,000 students and second-large college in the country.

Major Landmarks:

  • Hialeah Park Race Track
  • Amelia Earhart Park
  • Amertec Building

Notable Residents:

  • Devin Bush
  • Chris Corchiani
  • Rohan Davey
  • Wifredo A. Ferrer

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