A city known for being the first to host the Big Mac without its golden arches was just marsh land until 1947 when the 20,000 acres were bought by Henry Lyons and turned into a bean farm. By post World War II the real estate boom instigated Coral Ridge Properties to turn 3,869 acres of the Lyons now Cattle Ranch into what today is known as The City of Coral Springs.

A year after being chartered, it had about 50,000 residents, By 1965 the company purchased an additional 6,000 acres from the Lyons family and on July 22, 1964 the landmark covered bridge was built to promote The Town of Coral Springs. In 1965 Coral Ridge Properties bought yet another 6,000 acres and elections for the city were first held in 1967. Since then 19 public schools have been added along with a regional mall, shopping centers and parks between the years between 1970 and 2000.

Coral Square Mall remains the largest mall in the city with 120 stores and 945,000 square feet of retail space. In 1996 a city project inspired the city to create the first Coral Springs Center for the Arts which included a 30,000 square foot performance theatre and art museum. In 1997 the Coral Springs Museum was incorporated and sought to break the stigma off museums and sought to ignite education through diverse cultural exhibits indoors as well as outdoors. The theatre seats 1,471 guests and program often features popular Broadway shows and guests such as the Four Tops, Peppa Pig Live, The Wizard of Oz, Dance with Me in Coral Springs and Tarzan.

Although rigid in its zoning and development Coral Springs has a few tall buildings and plans to bring back the city to life through its new redevelopment plan of “THE WALK,” a $700 million redevelopment plan located downtown at the intersection of Sample Road and University Drive. In 2007 construction of “One Chartered Place,” began the redevelopment of the area with three million square feet of space and 1,000 residential units and a new hotel and a new government center. In addition, the newly created project “Cornerstone Downtown Coral Springs” features two residential towers, a hotel, and a shopping, office and entertainment complex.

In addition to new development, the city has 50 municipal parks, including a water park, a skate park with over 675 acres. The largest of them all being Mullins Park with 70 acres and a natural conservation area with 38 acres known as Sandy Ridge Sanctuary.

Major landmarks

  • Coral Springs Covered Bridge
  • American Snuff Company
  • Jaycees Clubhouse

Notable Residents:

  • Dan Morgan
  • Todd Weiner
  • Darius Butler
  • Misty May-Treanor

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