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We are nationally recognized top-tier Miami Patent Attorneys experienced in providing inventors, creative minds, and entrepreneurs with high quality yet reasonable cost comprehensive patent services. This including patent searches, patent research, detailed (design and utility) patent applications, as well as post-filing negotiation of patent rights before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Our Miami patent law firm provides informed and sound advice on how to best obtain and then enforce a U.S. Patent. We also assert Miami patent infringement claims and also offer Miami patent infringement defense services in Federal Courts throughout Florida.

Don’t go it alone and try to patent it yourself! Our Miami patent office is here to help patent ideas, budget for patent costs, review your patentable invention, and ultimately obtain patent rights for you. Our Miami patent lawyers provide value added legal services that go beyond the norm.

Once a government patent is granted, the patent registration offers a patent owner a limited monopoly to restrict others from making, using, selling or offering for sale certain processes, apparatus, methods or compositions of matter. Typically, a U.S. Patent represents a company’s most significant assets. This certainly rings true in today’s competitive and globalized business climate – making international patent law (including foreign patents and PCT patent applications) a key focus for today’s technology driven businesses.

Robert H. Thornburg is a nationally recognized and acclaimed Miami Intellectual Property Attorney who assists Florida and Latin American technology start-ups, inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies obtain the full value and scope of patentable ideas. Moreover, Robert combines his practical real world engineering experience along with a pragmatic and results oriented approach to give comprehensive patent advice including the options in which to help patent an idea. Once he identifies how to best patent an invention, Robert works with clients to identify the costs to patent an idea, perform detailed patent research, draft appropriate patent documents, as well as determine how to best obtain patent rights.

Robert received valuable engineering experience as an associate engineer with NASA’s Space Life Science Division at the Kennedy Space Center where he developed advanced filtration systems to be used on the International Space Station and in flight tests in the Space Shuttle prior to attending law school. Thus, Robert has experience not only as an attorney, but also hands on practical experience as an engineer and researcher.

Robert has also been tapped as a testifying expert in complex patent and trademark infringement disputes – including in the March 2012 trial where the owners of the famed MR. CHOW restaurant group sued the PHILIPPE CHOW restaurant group in Miami Federal Court. As both a consulting and testifying expert in the field of trademark law, Robert assisted the principals who owned the PHILIPPE CHOW restaurants helping secure a finding of no trademark infringement, as well as a finding of no unfair competition.

Robert has been honored by numerous magazines for his advocacy in the field of intellectual property law, including The Daily Business Review (Rising Star, 2013), The South Florida Legal Guide (2013-2016), Best Lawyers in America (2013-2017), Florida Trend Magazine (2010, 2012), Florida Super Lawyers Magazine (2010-2016) and US News & World Report. He was also recognized in 2009 as one of the “40 under 40 Outstanding Lawyers of Miami Dade.”

Robert has been asked by news and media outlets on several occasions to serve to address intellectual property matters, including Miami’s Local 10 News, the Palm Beach Post as well as Florida Record:

As Miami Patent Attorneys, Robert and his South Florida Patent team provide the following services:

  • Patent application and drafting
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent licensing
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • International Patent Protection Strategies
  • Patent enforcement
  • Cease & Desist Letters
  • Patent Infringement Litigation
  • Patentability opinions and prior art searches
  • Patent (non) infringement opinions
  • Patent (in)validity opinions
  • Clearance / freedom to operate opinions
  • Non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements
  • Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Start-up incorporation services
  • Outside technology counsel
  • Local Counsel Services
  • Expert Witness Services

With the continued problems with the global economy the issue of patent cost is an understandable question. Often this leads people to attempt to patent it yourself – often causing an inventor to fail to patent an idea due to unfamiliarity with the complexities of American patent law. Don’t let the cost to patent come between you and hiring a reputable South Florida patent firm. Our patent office provides a variety of packages and programs to assist clients of every size, budget and goal. Many programs include flat-fee rates for patent, copyright and trademark filings. In addition, Robert offers stepped payment programs to identify what aspects of your ideas are most important, while others can wait until secondary funding becomes available. This pricing is often identified after the initial free consultation provided by our Miami patent firm.

Our Miami Patent Lawyers are here to serve your patent and other intellectual property needs. Feel free to call 305-374-8303 to talk to an experienced patent lawyer on how to register patent rights.