Key West (due to its original Spanish name “Cayo Hueso” – which means “Bone Cay” due to the graveyard of bones which previously littered the beaches) is an old-historical Florida City located 130 miles south of Miami, and only 106 miles from Havana, Cuba.

Part of the Florida Keys, Key West divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico – and is located in the Florida Straits.   Because of its strategic location, Key West has always been an important port of call.

Until 1912, the only method of reaching Key West was by boat – until Henry Flagler build the Overseas Railway which connected the island to the Florida mainland.  The Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 destroyed much of Flagler’s creative miracle and killed over hundreds of Florida Residents and World War I Veterans. Flagler’s railroad was never restored. But that didn’t prevent Key West from becoming a gateway to Cuba and the Caribbean.

Pan American Airlines was founded on Key West in 1926 and became an important link between Florida and Cuba – delivering daily mail via the “Havana Mail Route.”  During the prohibition era, there was regular Ferry service operating between Key West and Havana, operated by the West India Fruit and Steamship Company.

Because of the Overseas Railway, Pan American Airlines, and the ferry services – Key West became a popular location for artists, writers, and key naturalists like John James Audubon.   In fact, the island was the prior home of writer Ernest Hemingway, as well as the Little White House, where Harry S. Truman would often visit. 

The Truman house is where President Truman spent 175 days of his time in office or otherwise known as the winter White House for the 33rd President.  It remained as command headquarters throughout both World Wars and it was where Thomas Edison perfected 41 underwater weapons.

Another notable Key West legend is Jimmy Buffett who found refuge in Key West when he arrived in November 1971. Today the MARGARITAVILLE Resort & Marina is one of leading destinations for Key West tourists. In 2020 it has been nominated for The World’s Best Awards by Travel Leisure.

Apart from Hemingway, other famous writers and literary pioneers have included Tennessee Williams, Mario Sanchez, and Winslow Homer.  Key West still attracts well known literary figures such as James Marrill, Judy Bloom, Ann Berattie, Annie Dillard, James Gleick, and Edmund White.  As such, Key West is an important hub to write and Copyright Books in South Florida.

In addition to its strong literary tradition, it is also a hub for visual artists, especially those that focus on bohemian vibes and tropical landscapes.  There are several key art galleries located in Key West, that exhibit numerous well known and respected painters, photographers, and related visual artists.  These include Ton Dubbeldam, Scott Hannaman, Pino, Alexei Butirskiy, and Martina Yeon.  Important galleries include Key West Gallery, Alan S. Maltz Gallery, the Stuioes of Key West, Wyland Gallery of the Florida Keys, and the Key West Art & History Society located near Mallory Square. 

Key West is also known to be a major port for fisherman and cruise ship travel. The port contributes approximately 1,260 jobs to the small island’s $85 million economy.  The first cruise ship to dock at the Navy’s Pier in the Truman Annex or otherwise known as Pier B or the Navy’s Mole was the “Sunward” in 1969. Today is one of Florida’s most important and oldest ports that services Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, and Port Everglades.

Major Landmarks:

  • Sloppy Joe’s
  • Hog’s Breath Saloon 
  • Captain Tony’s Saloon
  • The Bull and Whistle Bar
  • Mallory Square
  • Smathers Beach
  • Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory
  • Key West Lighthouse
  • The Studios of Key West

Notable Residents:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Kelly McGillis
  • Khalil Greene 
  • Mike Leach

With its focus on live performance music, writing and visual art – Key West maintains an important role in Florida’s art scene.  Moreover, as an important and historical port of call, the island community has a strong marine industry that is focused on the development of important boat safety and related technologies.   As such, the community boasts an important innovation economy built on transportation, hospitality and leisure.

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