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Key considerations when choosing between a provisional and non-provisional patent application

Key Considerations When Choosing Between A Provisional And Non-provisional Patent Application

Often during an initial patent consultation, an inventor and a registered patent attorney will address whether an initial patent filing should be in the form of a provisional patent application or a non-provisional (utility) patent application. This consideration is very fact specific and based upon a variety of considerations, including…

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The Continued Importance of Keeping an Inventor’s Notebook Even after the America Invents Act’s First to File Rule

The Continued Importance Of Keeping An Inventor’s Notebook Even After The America Invents Act’s First To File Rule

Traditionally, Miami patent lawyers have always touted and recommended that inventors keep and maintain notebooks with regard to their toils – including but not limited to laboratory tests, experimental uses, prototypes, and related efforts to conceive and then later reduce to practice their inventions. These notebooks were preferably bound with…

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How to select and choose your counsel

How To Select And Choose Your Counsel

Prior to filing a patent application, and before becoming “patent pending” one of the first steps in the long adventure to an issued U.S. Patent is to search for, interview and select a patent attorney.   Here are five considerations that may be helpful in selecting the right registered patent attorney…

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